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The Lease Up To Year 2112*
*PT Batam Island Marina undertake to pay the lease renewal up to year 2112
How can a Foreigner legally obtain
Indonesian property?
Foreign individuals can legally have the rights of use the property in Indonesia and enjoy full beneficial rights.
Building Rights Title
(HGB or Hak Guna Bangunan, Article 35-40)

The right to build and possess a structure on land owned by others: The duration of right for the building up to 30 years, extendable for 20 years. Renewable thereafter. Those who may obtain right-to-build deeds are Indonesian citizens and legal entities (such as a PT/PMA companies) established under Indonesian law and domiciled in Indonesia, either for 100 percent foreign-owned, joint venture or 100 percent Indonesian-owned companies.

Right to Use Title
(HP or Hak Pakai, Article 41-43)

This is the right to use and/or harvest from land directly owned by the state (rendered by authorized official government deed), or private land (by agreement with the owner of the land). This may be applied to land for use as a building site or for agricultural purposes. The transfer of this right must have local government authorization. The Right of Use on Land (HP) is the right to use land for any purpose for a period of 25 years, and can be extended for another 20 years. Renewable thereafter.

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