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Developer & Management
PT Batam Island Marina
Funtasy Island Development Pte Ltd

Since its inception in 1980, PT Batam Island Marina has built numerous developments in Jakarta, in major cities on the islands of Java and Bali, and in the province of Riau. With its track record for projects of high standards in all aspects from quality to creative site development, PT Batam Island Marina has earned a reputation as a specialist in developing high quality properties in prime locations throughout Indonesia. It has a track record that includes Bali Resort city, Xsport Senayan and Pluit Mega Mall in Jakarta, IBN Tower in Batam, and Novus Gawana Resort in Bali.

Funtasy Island Development Pte Ltd (FID) was established in 2010 to realise the vision of the largest eco-park in the world. Fulfilling this is the S$300 million development of a cluster of six islands into Funtasy Island. FID has a regional presence in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Our track record includes the following:

Bali Resort City
300 Hectares
Mix Development
Planning Stage
PT Pinang Propindo
XSport Senayan, Jakarta
4 Hectares
Top Venue Development
Under Construction
PT Gentakumala
IBN Tower, Batam
1 Hectare
Hotel, Condotel & Office
Planning Stage
IBN Berhad &
PT Triusaha Indonesia
Lumba Island, Batam
2,000 Hectares
Organic Farming
Planning Stage
PT Batam Nusa Marina
Hotel, Republic of Palau
2 Hectares
Diving Paradise Resort
Carlton International Ltd
Novus Gawana Resort,
3 Hectares
Resort & SPA
PT Andikaraja
Putra Lestari
Calinton Hotel, Gerik
1.5 Hectares
Eco Tourism Resort
Under Construction
Carlton Holiday Super Suite Sdn Bhd
Pluit Mega Mall, Jakarta
22 Hectares
Shopping Mall
PT Duta Wisata Loka
Carlton Holiday, Malaysia
1 Hectare
Hotel & Office
LTH Corporation Sdn Bhd
Carlton Holiday Sdn Bhd


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