21st to 28th July 2014
Time: 10am to 8pm
CIP Lounge
1 Maritime Square
HarbourFront Cruise Centre
(next to Vivocity)
Singapore 099253
Eco Theme Park Map
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Please call +65 8176 9678
  • Your Home is in the Luscious Avatar Habitat (Zone 3) of the World’s Largest Eco-Theme (SEVEN SEAS) on Funtasy Island.
  • On your own exclusive Enclave in your private island – Funtasy Island.
  • 16 km from Sentosa, Singapore.
  • A 20-minute hop from Harbour front Cruise Centre by our private Funtasy Island ferries.
  • Priced attractively from S$358,000 and luxuriously furnished. 6% Rent Guarantee per year, for 3 years.
  • A highly recommended investment as Funtasy Island and Seven Seas plan to attract an average of 1 million visitors per year. To cater for these visitors, the island requires an average 1282 villas. At the point of publication, Funtasy Island has a total of 510 villas. There is a shortage of 772 villas. With Capraia Residences, it would close the shortfall by approximately 25%.
  • Easy Developer Payment Scheme Available.
  • Funtasy Island – “The Eco-Island Paradise” zoned by the Government; covered by Millionaire Asia, ZbBz Magazine, The Star, Lian He Zao Bao & Business Times Singapore.
  • SOLD in Funtasy Island: Breeze Villas (1 bedroom) 100% Sold,
    Oceanfront Villas (2 bedrooms) 100% Sold. Corallium/Water Villas (2-bedroom) 100% Sold, The Cove (1 bedroom) 90% Sold, Forest Bungalows (3 & 4 bedrooms) 84% sold and Aqua Villas (3 & 4 bedrooms) Limited Units available.
Developer : Seven Seas, Funtasy Island and PT Batam Island Marina


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