Sales Gallery Open:
Date :
18th April to 19th April 2015

11 am to 7 pm

Bar Nebula, ONE°15,
Marina Club #01-01
11 Cove Drive
Sentosa Cove
Singapore 098497

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Priority Booking Discount of S$28,000
CALL 8176 9678!
  • “Where else can I find a Home where dolphins saying “hello” to my children at my doorstep? It is absolutely thrilling.
    I would probably spend S$X m for a property in Singapore and yet there is nothing to rave about. But here, I get the Privacy of a Home in a Private Island where my family is absolutely thrilled about.
    And I can invite my friends to enjoy this RARE luxury.
    What’s more, it is 20 minute- hop away from Singapore.
    It’s like bringing Maldives or Discovery Bay to my backyard. To me … this is Absolutely Priceless” A buyer of Dolphin Villa.
  • World’s One and Only … Your Home at Dolphin Habitat.
  • Your very own Exclusive and Private Island - 16 km from Sentosa Cove. Funtasy Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Riau.
  • Just a 20-minute hop away (16 km direct ferry) from Harbour Front Cruise Centre, Singapore.
  • Don't miss this RARE Opportunity! Call us Now!
Developer : P.T Batam Island Marina, Funtasy Island Development Pte Ltd & Seven Seas Funtasy Ventures Pte Ltd (Singapore)


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